Disabling The Disobey Ray - DVD

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Label P23 Entertainment Inc.
Date Released Feb 28, 2017
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Join Bibleman and His Team on Three Exciting, Animated Adventures!

1.Disabling the Disobey Ray (An Adventure in Obedience)

Let's face it: Bibleman has a soft spot for Christian kids. Andeverybody knows it-including villain Luxor Spawndroth. So while it's easy to lure the Bibleteam into rescuing kids in danger, the hard part for bad guys begins when the purple crew shows up. Will Bibleman be able to spot Luxor's trap? Bible story: Adam & Eve. Key verse: Ephesians 6:1-2

2.Ambushed by the Ambassador of Ignorance (An Adventure in Wisdom)

Some kids from Life Church unwisely posted videos of themselves pranking an elderly lady at the mall. Biblemanmust find the mysterious "Iggy" person behind this mischief. Bible story: Wise Man/Foolish Man Parable. Key verse: Proverbs 1:22

3.Stopping the Sultan of Selfishness (An Adventure in Contentment)

Young Tariq is from a rich family, although his parents don't just give him whatever he wants. Uh-oh-the family's live-in butler is secretly buying Tariq expensive gadgets and gizmos. But why? Bibleman knows why: The servant is really a wicked villain who targets the children of wealthy families. Bible story: Prodigal Son. Key verse: Luke 12:15

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