Bibleman Genesis Vol. 6: A Light In The Darkness / Divided We Fall

Light and Darkness
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Label B&h Kids
Date Released Jun 30, 2013
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Miles Peterson seemed to have it all. Then, reaching his darkest hour, he found himself transformed by a single Book and empowered by God’s strength. Peterson now combats evil in the name of God as Bibleman. Now available from B&H Publishing Group, each DVD in the Bibleman Genesis series features two episodes that will teach children ages (4 to 8) clearly Bible-based values and virtues.

A Light in the Darkness. With plans to drench the world in a hopeless cloud of despair and darkness, the Wacky Protestor uses his Cloud of Darkness and Despair to discourage youth group member, Cory, and give him deep feelings of isolation and despair. As the Bibleteam meets the Wacky Protestor, Biblegirl is separated from the team and is ultimately hit with a cloud of darkness herself! Can Bibleman, Cypher and U.N.I.C.E. save her? Will the Wacky Protestor succeed in cloaking the world in darkness? This action packed adventure teaches the importance of being a light in the darkness so others can find their way towards Jesus. Based on Matthew 5:16.

Divided We Fall. The Wacky Protester has big plans to infiltrate the nation’s most popular children’s TV show with his own live satellite feed. Needing the Bibleteam out of the way first, Wacky Protestor uses his latest technological toy, I.N.S.E.C.T., to create false video footage that will focus the Bibleteam on being hurt and angry with each other. Will they believe the video they see and become upset with each other? Teaching from Matthew 12:25 that “A house divided can not stand,” this episode encourages all believers to love each other in Jesus.
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