Bibleman Genesis Vol. 5: Lead Us Not Into Temptation / Jesus Our Savior

Temptation and Jesus Our Savior
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Label B&h Kids
Date Released Jun 30, 2013
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Miles Peterson seemed to have it all. Then, reaching his darkest hour, he found himself transformed by a single Book and empowered by God’s strength. Peterson now combats evil in the name of God as Bibleman. Now available from B&H Publishing Group, each DVD in the Bibleman Genesis series features two episodes that will teach children ages (4 to 8) clearly Bible-based values and virtues.

Lead Us Not Into Temptation. The infamous Luxor Spawndroth uses the first name in villainous software, Hypno Hack by Micro Harsh, to tempt Cyper and young student Riley Watson into going back to their old lifestyles of unkindness. With help from Bibleman, Biblegirl and the word of God, they find out that God will give us a way to escape temptation.

Jesus Our Savior. In this adventure, Luxor Spawndroth makes his last mistake. But just when it seems safe to venture out, there comes an even more sinister, more evil villain -- Primordious Drool. Drool knows he cannot defeat Bibleman alone, so he intends to make Bibleman fight against himself . When Drool convinces the citizens to trust in Bibleman instead of God, Bibleman has to explain to the townspeople that only God can answer their prayers.
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